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Friends, Drinking, Dancing & a Taxi From Gatwick To Brighton

brighton gatwick taxiI was out with friends one night and none of us drove.

We had all planned on drinking and knew that.

We didn’t want to take the chance of drinking and driving so we all met up at the bar. Most of us had friends or family drop us off.

One of our friends said her husband was going to pick us up when we were done so we didn’t need to worry about getting a ride home.

We had a great time drinking and dancing and before we knew it, the bar was closing. Our friend called her husband to come get us, but he didn’t answer the phone.

She said he was supposed to stay up waiting on her phone call. She tried texting him too, but he didn’t answer. She said he must have been asleep and that we would probably need to find another way to get home.

Since none of us were expecting that we would need to find a ride home, we didn’t know what to do. I went on my phone and searched for a taxi from Gatwick to Brighton. I didn’t want to take a taxi by myself and hoped that one of my friends would go with me.

I found a few different taxi services in the area so I called them to see if they could pick us up and how many we could fit in a car.

Both of the taxi services I called said there was a limit of 3 per vehicle and that they wouldn’t be able to fit any more than that in their car. I let my friends know this and they said they would try to find another way home.

I managed to get one of my friends to take the taxi with me. I called them back and let them know where we were located so they could pick us up.

The taxi (Brighton City Chauffeur) came in about 10 minutes and we told them where we needed to go.

They drove us to my home and my friend stayed the night there. The next day we called our other friend that was supposed to find a way home and she said shortly after we got the taxi from Gatwick to Brighton her husband called back. She said they waited around on him to pick them up, but it didn’t take long.

brighton gatwick chauffeurShe said she called a taxi to pick them up and then her husband called her back to let her know he was on his way. She said she called the taxi back to cancel since he was going to pick up her and her friends. I told her that riding in the taxi wasn’t bad and we were just in a hurry to get home.

We had all had several drinks and shots and I was ready for bed.

She said she was too and was glad her husband picked her up and took her to her home.

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A VirilityEx Review gave me a link to a sex drive super food.

VirilityExRecently I was reading a VirilityEx Review and stumbled across an article linked in with a food that is supposed to help sex drive & thought I should make others aware of it.

There are a whole variety of foods, herbs & natural ingredients that can help with a person’s libido, so this is a short post about one of them – Cloves.

clovesYes, that is correct – Cloves. I had to double take (or double read) the information in the VirilityEx review to make sure it was correct.

All that I knew of these weird little woody herbs is that they are stuffed into oranges & used to make Mulled wine.

The article didn’t actually say what was so special about them; it just said that they were some type of super food when it came to stopping erectile dysfunction. I then looked into it & they are one of three ingredients which are seen to ‘warm’ the blood up, which helps with circulation to a man’s extremities.

I am not quite sure why the VirilityEx review hadn’t gone the extra step to Google the info as it was easy enough to come by, but anyway, I have done it for you. So, drink more Mulled Wine!coupled

5 Benefits Of Receiving Personal Training Bristol


Do you want to receive personal training Bristol?

Whether you want to or not, you should know what the benefits of receiving training.

Below are a few benefits of getting personal training.


1. Get Into Better Shape

The obvious benefit and the main benefit is you can get into better shape when you receive personal training.

A personal trainer (Bristol) has the experience and knowledge needed to help get you into the kind of shape you have always wanted to be in.

Getting in shape requires hard work, knowing what exercises you should do and it requires a lot of motivation and drive, and a personal trainer can help you get motivated, tell you what to do and help you work hard to reach your fitness goals.


2. Create A Workout Routine

When you receive personal training Bristol, you will have a workout routine created for you, which means all you have to do is follow it and do what the Bristol trainer tells you to do.

A good trainer will talk with you and ask you a series of questions, and then they will create a routine that makes sense, as well as one that is realistic and works with your current schedule.

You can rest assure a trainer will not recommend hardcore exercising if you are brand new to fitness, nor will they have you training daily, so if you have never worked out before, then see a trainer because they can create a sensible routine for you to follow.

3. Train With Specific Goals In MindBristol-fitness-training

If you are brand new to exercising and you want to get into better shape, then a personal trainer Bristol can help.

You might already be accustomed to training, but you want to enter a bodybuilding show, and if you want to be ready for competition, then a trainer can help you too.

It doesn’t matter if your fitness goals are to get in better shape, enter a bodybuilding show, improve at your sport and so forth, a good trainer can help you reach your fitness goals.

4. Learn Proper Form And Technique

All too often people go to the gym and they end up doing exercises wrong and they don’t train with proper form. This is a recipe for disaster, but a trainer can help you avoid training the wrong way.

When you get personal training Bristol, then you will be shown exactly what to do, and this is important because it reduces your risk of getting injured while exercising.

Plus, working out with a trainer allows you to learn how to train properly quicker than if you decided to not use a trainer.


Trainer-Bristol-Area5. They Can Help You Minimize Time While Maximizing Your Workouts

A lot of people train for long periods of time, and they might not be getting the most from their workouts.

Ideally, you want to maximize your workouts while minimizing your time.

Trainers are great for this.

When you hire a trainer, you can rest assure they will have you doing highly effective workouts that don’t take hours to complete, but you will get results because they will create a workout that consists of the right amount of intensity and exercises.

You can enjoy all of the benefits discussed in this article, and many others, when you decide to receive personal training Bristol.

Getting into shape doesn’t have to be difficult and it can be fun, especially when you work alongside a trainer. Hire a Bristol based personal trainer today and find out for yourself why it is one of the best things you can do.